SOURCE: Pulse News Korea

LG Uplus has signed a memorandum of understanding with Autonomous A2Z, a local provider of level 4 autonomous driving solutions, jointly launching 5G-based autonomous driving validation business, the Korean telco said on Sunday.

Under the agreement, LG Uplus will support V2X (Vehicle to Everything) technology that includes 5G communication network for autonomous driving, dynamic map, and high-precision positioning, while Autonomous A2Z will provide an autonomous vehicle platform.

Autonomous currently validates autonomous driving with a compact electric car, a full passenger car, and a 15-seater minibus based on its full-stack software to cover recognition, judgment, and control of the vehicle. With its solution, the company has enabled over 20,000 km of autonomous driving on complex roads and highways.

The two companies will demonstrate solutions that can complement safety and lay the foundation for commercialization of autonomous driving services through continuous technology exchanges and demonstrations, said Kang Jong-oh, managing director of LG Uplus` mobility busines.

Autonomous A2Z chief executive Han Ji-hyung said the company will develop advanced autonomous driving technology through the infrastructure established in Sejong City and 5G technology of LG Uplus, and it will provide opportunities for citizens to experience various services related to autonomous driving in the future.