Welcome to V2X.Live – the premier information hub for the Vehicle-to-Everything infrastructure ecosystem. Our objective is to function as the main resource for the V2X community — an independent, expert-driven clearinghouse for thought leadership, analysis, and news for all executives involved in the convergence of communications, automotive, transportation, computing and cloud services.

Our mission is to help advance the investment, development and adoption of V2X systems throughout the world.

V2X is the foundational connectivity, communication and computing layer between vehicles and everything — people (V2P), infrastructure (V2I), the cloud (V2C) and other vehicles (V2V).  As we embark on the new era in transportation – this new digital infrastructure is key to fulfill on the promise of autonomy, safety and convenience.

It is an exciting era, where the collaboration between advanced vehicles and advanced infrastructure will create a much more efficient and safer road for all of us. It will create entirely new marketplaces and opportunities for service enablement, infrastructure development and commerce.

Our hope and expectations are to navigate the V2X stakeholder community through it all. We’ve been involved in the wireless infrastructure industry for more than two decades, and we see the V2X era as transformational in way the consumers and manufacturers view transportation.

Our offerings through multiple channels — live (workshops and conferences), online, video, print, social media, and custom content — will showcase the latest on technology trends in automotive and communications, expert analysis, executive views and thought-leadership and more.

We’ll bring to our audience experts, guest contributors from across the spectrum and an advisory board representing all sectors that comprise the V2X opportunity to give us an exceptional grip on the industry.

V2X technology is creating an environment which is not just about how people communicate with cars, but how cars communicate with one another and the world around them. Through our media products and services, we will keep you informed about the opportunities that V2X will deliver a global audience.

We encourage you to join the community and contact us with your thoughts, suggestions and information resources that we can share with the V2X world.